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About Jonelle Godin

Jonelle Godin

Jonelle Godin is a media artist that is an expert in creating, shooting and editing videos of all kinds, such as commercials, corporate videos, promos, and events. She is also a very talented graphic artist and motion graphics artist, creating logos and logo animation.

Jonelle Graduated from Film School with Bachelors


Jonelle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Film from Full Sail University, where she learned critical tools necessary for a successful career in the video industry. There, she studied and mastered skills in Digital Cinematography, Post Production, Lighting, Sound, Creative Writing, Set Design, Art Direction, Production Design, Production and more.


From 2016 to Present, she has been freelancing/employed as a videographer, video editor, graphic designer, and photographer. She has worked with big names such as Disney Cruise Line, edited high end videos including approximately fifty (50) Port Adventure videos, Marvel Day at Sea Promotional Videos (including one that accumulated about 2.3 million views), Frozen Play promo, Beauty and the Beast Play promo; and Jay@Play, working as Assistant Director on set for toy product commercials - working with child actors, art direction on set, wardrobe, props, etc., while also maintaining set safety.

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